An artist at heart or want to kow more?

In the vast art studio of the artist SLM:

Study the process of creation: activate your creative capacity, develop your artistic skills, understand the functioning of your imagination, search for your personal style, discover your share of originality.

Master drawing and painting composition: organize space, "visualize" 3D, use diverse perspectives, symmetry and asymmetry.

Select the appropriate techniques: start from the sketch, the test, the ratage, the "non-technique".

Evolve in your technique: test your creativity, try the line and the color, make a cons-test, change your point of view.

Atelier d'art de Beyrines
Atelier d'art de Beyrines
Atelier d'art de Beyrines




DRAWING - crayon, charcoal, ink, pastel

PAINTING - pastel, pigment, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil

SCULPTURE - terracotta, stone
Creativity is contagious.Pass it on. Albert Einstein

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