Learn the fundamentals in no time to live happy in a digital context...

Computing is a problem,
you feel somewhat lost!

Getting started on a computer

Introduction to the Internet

Introduction to word processing (Word, Open Office Writer)

Introduction to spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office Calc)

Initiation to image editing

Initiation to video editing

Initiation to the creation or modification of a Website (NVU, free OpenSource software)
Live with your times, that is, communicate and have access to information anywhere, any time!

The digital revolution is here!
Do not stand on the side of the information highway...

All publics

IT is pervasive in all subjects, in our most commun everyday actions.
You need theoretical bases which prove essential to have some control on this digital world.
With our ten-year experience in a communal and rural primary school, we know how to use the right words and simple practices to demystify this world...